It was late at night

It was late at night, a few minutes after midnight. We've just finished the fourth game in the Lost signal campaign and we were preparing for the final episode, for the fifth, closing scenario. I was busy setting it up, while most of the other players went to get something to drink and took just…
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One very important note

First of all thank you for all the feedback below my previous post. I very much appreciate all the comments. One important note - many of you posted solutions how to fix the game. The game is not broken, there is nothing to fix. I wrote the article to show you how the players' behavior…
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The one about psychology!

A couple of years ago when I was writing about designing 51st State I wrote a story about Baby Swift. For those who don’t remember or didn’t follow my blog back then, here is a short recap. One week into a 51st State playtesting marathon, we received new artwork for the game. I printed the…
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