Pre-Order TODAY!

The wait is OVER! We've opened pre-orders for First Martians and we couldn't be more excited! To say there has been a lot of buzz over this title would be a massive understatement. When we announced it in 2015, you immediately started asking for more details.
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One of my testers called me an idiot…

Today one of my play testers called me an idiot. He said: 'We have 5 scenarios long campaign. We add another campaign with another 5 unique scenarios. And then we add 6 unique single scenarios. You put 16 scenarios into base game. You are an idiot.' After this final playtesting marathon I must say, he…
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Question for new year: “What you think?”

First Martians has two campaigns. Today we playstested the first one again. We played three scenarios in a one pretty long and awesome sitting. Tomorrow we will probably spend another sitting to finish the campaign. Question I'd like to ask you today is about the way you probably will play campaign. Will you play 1…
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