One of my testers called me an idiot…

One of my testers called me an idiot…


Today one of my play testers called me an idiot. He said: 'We have 5 scenarios long campaign. We add another campaign with another 5 unique scenarios. And then we add 6 unique single scenarios. You put 16 scenarios into base game. You are an idiot.'

After this final playtesting marathon I must say, he might be right. We are all extremely exhausted and sick of this game. We put insane volume of content. 16 unique scenarios, 500+ different events and adventures cards, discovery tokens, abilities for characters...

We are insane.

But afterall, it looks like you'll have quite a number of games out of this box.

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  1. #humblebrag
  2. My kinda crazy :D
  3. 16 unique scenario's sounds excellent, I'll be buying this game! 500 events? These add replayability. Share the playtest burden... Send out some demo copies and get feedback? I volunteer! :)

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